Dec. 23, 2022

Scary Stories From El Salvador and the Case of Reyna Angelica Marroquin

Scary Stories From El Salvador and the Case of Reyna Angelica Marroquin
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El Salvador is home to many legends, La Siguanaba, El Cipitio, El Cadejo, but it is also home to tales of hauntings and scares. Some speak stories of haunted coffee plantations in El Salvador and a very famous but haunted shopping mall, Las Galerias, which is also tied to La Familia Guirola, who are the subject of legend dealing with the devil. Cristina shares these stories with Carmen, today's guest cohost. After the spooky stories, Cristina tells Carmen of the Reyna Angelica Marroquin, a Salvadoran woman who went missing for decades in New York. First, they share a listener story, if you have a spooky story to share, email or leave us a voicemail

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