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5/5 podcast !! LOVEEEE

literally love this podcast so much!! always listening during work or while i’m driving!!😇😇

Give us all the Espooky Tales you have!

I love listening to this show! I've always wanted to learn more about Latin American folklore, myths, and legends and this has helped a ton with that! Cristina and MJ have all the facts and make it all so entertaining!

The perfect combination

I was looking for Latin America legends and I found this podcast. Why is it a perfect combination? Because the same time I’m practicing my English listening skills I’m learning more about Latin America folklore. Though I’m from Brazil and we’re also in Latam, we barely hear stories from Spanish speaking countries so I’m learning a lot in here. Besides, MJ and Cristina are super cool. 10/10. Thank you guys for everything!


I love listening to MJ and Christina! My daughter and I listen every morning on our way to school and gives us something to talk about (she’ll be 13 next month). It feels like we’re listening to friends/family and we get spooked at times and other times laugh 😂Gracias!! Keep up the amazing work!


Love this show. The hosts are excellent and each episode is presented so well, with a healthy dose of laughter. Thanks for making such a great show, you two!

Extra Espooky

I love this show I love the convos and I love Carmen I can’t tell who’s who when their talking but I love the style it’s not spooky it’s more comedy for me helps me unwind when I’ve had a rough day

Amazing 👍🏽

Amazing podcast!! Love what they are bringing to the table. It’s great to see Latino stories reflected. Keep it up!!!

My review

I just love these amazing ladies and how I can relate to them being a Hispanic in a catholic household and hearing/seeing these spooky things and they’re are so funny.

Cristina and MJ are great storytellers!

I love these ladies! I love their storytelling style and the Latin American emphasis. The funny thing is I listen because of their conversations and style, the way they pull you into the story…even though I do not believe in anything espooky. 😂

Fun, Spooky Podcast

Love listening to these girls. They make me laugh while telling scary Latin-American tales.

Finally A Great LatinX spooky podcast

I’m so happy to have found a ghostly Latinx podcast. I always believed that Latino-America had the most spooky lore and I know I don’t know half of them. I’m glad you ladies are bringing them to light!

Excellent show!

It was an instant follow from me from the first show I listened. Cristina and MJ are so smart, funny, entertaining, and they have so much to share. Their voices are so comforting and I feel so at home, like when I was little, sitting in my bedroom, listening to family tell me stories.

Well done!

MJ and Cristina have great chemistry and the stories are muy eh-spooky! Looking forward to more episodes! Vamos!

Love it!

As someone who loves the paranormal, Espooky is wonderful. MJ and Cristina do a wonderful job telling Latin folklore, legends and paranormal stories. I am learning so many stories I never new before and virtually traveling to said countries. Thank you and keep it up!

It’s like I’m chatting with my primas!

Love Espooky Tales and Cristina and MJ. It feels like when I hang out with my cousins and we talk about all the stories our family would tell us growing up! But i especially love the history of all our folklore because I always wondered where these stories originate from.

Espooky and funny!

Espooky Tales is one of my favorite podcast. Cristina and MJ are both hilarious and present their stories with a lot of information. Not every podcast will have you scared, then laughing out loud, and learning some things a long the way. This podcast goes to show you there is more than just “La Llorona” when it comes to LatinX supernatural stories!

I’m Espooked!

It’s been a while since I’ve been genuinely espooked. For some reason stories in Spanish just hit different. I grew up with the legends and myths covered in this podcast and it’s refreshing to hear about them and not the same old American/European stories. I’m so happy I found this podcast! Even if I’m espooked!

The Way Tales Should Be Told

I recently came across Espooky Tales, and I'm so glad I did. These two are hillarious! I look forward to tracing back their back catalog and finding more to laugh about!

Workday jam

I listen to the girls while I get my work done, sometimes I laugh at the most inopportune times, but it’s so worth it!

Obsessed with this Podcast!

Let me start off by saying…I love this Podcast! As a Chicana I love learning about Latinx folklore and am obsessed with creators that incorporate Spanglish into their content. Cristina and MJ make each episode feel like we’re just a couple of friends catching up telling spooky stories!


I love this podcast so much I literally can’t wait until they post more stories lol. I came across a tiktok a few weeks ago and through there I got to the podcast and I literally could not stop listening to each episode. I just find the girls so easy to relate to and I love that they talk about Latin folklore I learn about all these myths and legends that I’ve never heard about before. It’s so hard finding a podcast that you can make a connection with and this one is definitely one that I can! Especially the shadow people one I have a story and picture proof I’m thinking about sending in Keep up the great work I can’t wait to listen to more! 🖤

Funny and engaging!

Love how they talk about the story, origin, variations of the story (if they apply), and how they’re respectful when they try to pronounce names and words that are in their respective indigenous languages. It’s such an engaging duo and I just love to listen to them whenever I’m on the move.

Reminiscent of younger years!

Loving the Podcast these two jovial young ladies are putting out! Reminds me alot of long forgotten tales my Abuelita and Mother would tell myself as well as my siblings growing up! This has become the perfect ending to my work wk, I look forward to seeing the drop of the new episodes every week’s end! Keep up the outstanding work! Maybe I’ll muster up the courage to tell the story of my mother’s revisit, post passing!

Learning more about my culture!

I am a Salvadoran woman who was first generation born in Canada and grew up hearing “las leyendas” from my elders and parents. I met my best friend in college who is also Salvadoran and was born in El Salvador. I have been able to learn more through her and her family. Well, my best friend stumbled upon “Espooky Tales” and thought of me, and I am so glad she did. I have been loving each episode. I am learning so much about my culture. I have also had my husband who is American, listen to it so he can learn more about my culture. I really want our son to grow up with these tales around the campfire the way I did, when he comes of age. So far my favourite episode was about “Mal de ojo”. When my son was born, my family warned me about it…. I didn’t have a way to explain to my husband what “Mal de ojo” is. He’s never thought we were crazy for believing in things like this and was very respectful towards it all. Well now after he heard the episode he understood why my family gifted my son his bracelet and why I was so careful in public with our son. Thank you for making it easy for people to understand and learn about our Leyendas!

Love this podcast

I came across this podcast by accident, what a happy accident it was! They are hilarious and cover folklore from Latin America which in my opinion is so interesting yet not talked about enough. Not only are they discussing interesting topics and tales but they are also being awareness to rich cultures that usually overlooked by modern media. Thanks y’all!

Why aren’t you already listening to them?!?

I came across Espooky tales a couple months ago. Listening to them feels like I’m listening to my Tías tell me scary stories. Not gonna lie sometimes I do get creeped out and scared, but I mean that’s the fun of it! I recommend you listening to them especially if you grew up listening to your elders tell you spooky stories and warnings while drinking Café and eating some good Pan Dulces.

Unique and refreshing

I’ve been listening to this podcast from the beginning and I love the content MJ & Cristina put out they connect well and always bring us some awesome unique and refreshing Espooky tales! And their logo is super cool! Excited to see this podcast grow more 🙌🏼

Cool the Podcast came with a warning 😎🤙🏾

Hi, I’m Charmz from South Carolina I Haven’t gotten far but what I can tell their personalities are welcoming and I respect how they honor their heritage initially I posted a question in a podcast group and Cristina was really helpful which made me wanna check out the podcast glad I did thanks ladies keep doing great work

Great stuff!

Cool stories and interesting dynamic. Love it, smash that subscribe button!