Feb. 12, 2021

Que es eso (what is that)? A UFO? An owl? No, BOTH.

Que es eso (what is that)? A UFO? An owl? No, BOTH.

Has anyone else had the feeling that we are not alone? UFO sightings are the most reported paranormal encounter in the world and today our guest, a long time friend of MJ, shares an espooky encounter with us. This encounter took place in Modesto, CA, why is it always Modesto? MJ shares a story from a small town in Mexico and the most famous sighting from Brazil, from Varginha in 1996 and we share the tale of the strange dead zone, La Zona de Silenco (the Zone of Silence), found in the Mapimi Desert of Durango, Mexico. An area where many believed UFO sightings have occurred. 

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