Feb. 18, 2021

La Zona De Silencio (the Zone of Silence), and UFO Sightings

La Zona De Silencio (the Zone of Silence), and UFO Sightings

Did you know Mexico has it's own "Bermuda Triangle"?

La Zona de Silenco (The Zone of Silence)

In El Bolson de Mapimi, Durango, Mexico, you can find la zona de silencio/the zone of silence. This area is spread across Durango, Chihuahua and Coahuila. 

In 1966 an oil company called PEMEX attempted to explore the area, but gave up after radio problems did not allow them to accomplish their goal, the later of the expedition, Augusto Harry de la Pena was the first to call it the zone of silence. 

In the 1970s, a NASA test rocket by the name Athena was launched from Utah and was heading towards the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. The test rocket lost control and instead, it landed in the Mapimi desert region of Durango. NASA engineer Wernher von Braun was sent to the area to investigate the crash. After the investigation, rumors and legends about the area began to spread. It is possible that after the very secretive rescue mission was accomplished, locals that assisted in the investigation spread the rumors to boost tourism, but regardless, the stories and legends spread wildly. 

According to these tales, electromagnetic transmissions cannot be received in the area, radios do not work, compasses do not point to the magnetic north and flora and fauna in the area have abnormal mutations. Stories of alien encounters and other paranormal activities are far too common in la zona de silencio. 

After rumors of the area spread, a Mexican pilot named Franciso Sarabia reported that in the 1930s, when he flew over the zone, his radio had suddenly and mysteriously failed to work.Similar claims followed. In 1969, the Allende meteorite fell in the zone and fueled the stories, but before that large meteorites fell there in 1938 and 1954. 

The area sees an over abundance of meteor showers and people have reported seeing fireballs in the sky and what seems like fireballs rolling down the sides of mountains, as if they were tumbleweeds on fire. There are many stories of people getting lost in the zone of silence and then claiming to see tall blond beings that appear out of nowhere. They say these tall, blonde (possible aliens) speak perfect Spanish, and only ask for water before disappearing into thin air and without leaving footprints behind. When asked where they are from, they always answer the same thing “above”. 

In 1975, Josefina and Ernesto Diaz were looking for fossils in the area and there was a sudden flash flood that left them trapped in their cars longer than normal. While they were trying to move their car, they were surrounded by a group of tall blonde men that looked almost yellow and the group pushed the car with ease, once the car was able to move, the couple wanted to thank the men but they were nowhere to be seen, almost as if they had vanished. Josefina and Ernesto did not even see a single pair of footsteps. 

A man named Benjamin Palacios said that when he was 12, he waw lights appear from above and completely encircle them, he was with his brother at the time and when they got  back to their ranch, they realized they had completely lost two hours of their time, with no recollection of anything. Palacios says he has never been sick and believes it is thanks to living in the zone. 

UFO Sighting Brazil

In Brazil in January of 1996 in the city of Varginha. A few citizens of Varginha had sightings of one or more creatures and a UFO sighting. According to the Brazilian media, three girls ranging from the age of 14-22. On the afternoon of January 20th 1996 Katia Andrade Xavier and two sisters Liliane and Valquiria Fatima Silva came across a 5ft tall bipedal creature, Described as brown, with large red eyes, big head, thin body and v shaped feet. The creature appeared to be injured.

The girls went to their parents and told them that they had seen the ‘devil’ and they were not believed. The sisters mother went to the area where the girls saw the creature. The area had a strong ammonia-like odor. All they found was footprints. News spread fast and soon around the city everyone was talking about UFO sightings and that the military was involved. According to some of the residents a creature similar to what the girls first witnessed was seen dead on the side of the road and the military came in and retrieved the body. According to some witnesses two creatures were taken by the military.

Farm owners Orlalina and Eurico de Frietas spotted a UFO after their animals seemed to be unsettled. And according to them the UFO hovered over the fields for 40 minutes.

According to the authorities, they report that the girls in fact had come across a mentally unstable homeless man, covered in mud and not a creature.

We will leave this to the listeners to pick the truth. And now Varginha is a tourist attraction. Many people visit this city to get a first hand account on what happened that January. I mean honestly how are their restaurants because down if they have novelty stuff to buy and UFO themed places to go. 

Mexico UFO Sighting

This story was told to us for the podcast and they wish to remain anonymous so the names have been changed. 

This story takes place in 1994 in a middle of nowhere Pueblo called La Tinaja, in the State of Zacatecas, in Mexico. La tinaja is in the municipality of Villanueva.  So as far as my research of this little Pueblo it no longer has residents so as of right now as far as I am aware it’s a ghost town. If I remember correctly it’s no longer even considered a town nor is it registered as one anymore. This little pueblo is at the edge of a lake and this will all kind of make sense as we further along in the story.

So one night Jose and his friend Miguel were on horseback. They were returning from a neighboring town from el baile (a dance) and seeing their girlfriends. As they were crossing the roads and fields in the distance they saw an airplane flying over. When a light appears over the airplane and shines its light at the airplane. The airplane completely stops. Almost like it was locked in time and space. Not going up or down, back or forwards just there hovering in midair with this light shining above it. According to Jose it couldn’t have lasted more than like ten seconds. And as soon as the light appeared it vanished and the airplane resumed it’s flight. Jose and Miguel were freaked out because it made no sense what they saw. 

We would also like to clarify that Jose and Miguel did not grow up with pop culture as they lived in a farm town, very rural, very third world country like way of living. The only electrical thing in this town were the street lamps. The houses and residents still used oil lamps. They were not influenced by Alien and UFO culture like many parts of the world. No electricity, no TV. 

Now to return to the story. Jose and Miguel depart from each other. Each heading to their own homes. When Jose reached his home he went straight to the horses stable. As he was putting away his horse Jose noticed that the stable became entirely lit like it was daylight. He noticed that the light shining down on the stable was the very same light that paused the airplane in midair. He describes it as being similar to a spotlight but on a much larger scale. And just like with the airplane as soon as it came it left. Once the light was no longer shining down on the stable Jose ran inside his home. Locking his iron screen door and the wooden door behind him. His sister, his brother and parents are inside the home waiting for him and they notice he is startled asking what was wrong Jose told them. But after a couple of hours Jose calms down. Everything seemed to be back to normal.

When they were getting ready to go to bed. Their dog starts going wild.  Losing its mind barking and growling ready or wanting to attack something. When their family hears something fall on the roof. A very heavy thump. Like something either fell on the roof or if something jumped to the roof. Something starts walking across their roof and it seems to be bipedal. Walking on two legs. It was not a four legged creature.  From what Jose’s sister says it sounded like this thing had claws. With each step that was taken it had the sound claws dragging across the roof. At this point the family is frantic Jose and his brother grab their guns and ready for an attack. Whatever is on the roof if it comes through the ceiling they will be ready.

Meanwhile the dog at this point is in fear it’s no longer sounding angry it’s sounding afraid and it starts running and slamming into the doors. Charging and the doors over and over and over nearly breaking the iron screen door and the wooden door along with it. Whimpering, barking and growling the dog is in complete hysterics. When all of a sudden all the noises just stop. Completely. The walking on the roof has stopped. The dog has stopped, everything becomes silent. 

They did not rest that entire night. And when morning came they opened their busted doors and saw that the dog was just lying there on the floor dead. No blood, no cut, no wounds, looked like it was sleeping. After these incidents Jose has suffered a lot after the events. Many people around the town and the neighboring town see lights coming in and out of the lake that’s at the edge of La Tinaja. One of those people who have seen these lights coming in and out of the lake has been Jose’s sister on two occasions. Several other residents of the neighboring town as well so much so that they would wait out for any family or friend walking near this lake late at night to make sure they got home safe.

Owls have followed members of this family. Some UFO believers think that owls have a connection to the UFO phenomena. If it is true then the experiences of this family brings a little bit of truth to that belief.