Jan. 22, 2021

El Hombre Del Saco (The Sack Man)

El Hombre Del Saco (The Sack Man)

CW- content warning, child murder, blood drinking 

El Hombre Del Saco is a legend told to children in Spain, Brazil, Portugal, Chile and Argentina (it is known as El Viejo Del Saco /the old man with a bag  in Chile and Argentina) and as El Roba Chicos (child stealer) in Mexico. 

A real crime in Spain in the year 1910 caused the legend to spread and for parents and children alike to fear El Hombre Del Saco. 

We  explore  Sack Man legends from all over the world, and came by a really surprising boogeyman figure from Hungary called Rézfaszú Bagoly. 

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