Dec. 26, 2021

UFO Sightings in Latin America

UFO Sightings in Latin America

Sometimes it feels like UFO cases from Latin America are the least heard about, but they are definitely out there. If you haven't listened to our episode "UFO Sightings In Latin America", you can listen here or wherever you get your podcasts.  

The Coyame UFO Crash: 

On Aug 25, 1974, it was a normal night at the United States Naval Air Station in Corpus Christi, TX, when suddenly, just past 10 PM, exactly at 10:07 PM, radar screens at two different military bases detected an unknown aircraft 200 miles out of the Gulf Of Mexico. This unknown aircraft reached speeds of 2,500 mph while flying 75,000 feet in the air. At the time (the 70s), known aircrafts could only fly 2,200 mph at 50,000 feet in the air. There was a concern that this was a missile headed toward Corpus Christi, but then the unknown aircraft moved 155 miles south east of the town and Lackland Air Force Base, near San Antonio TX, began monitoring it, as well as a base in Houston and the FAA radar facility in Oilton, TX and Kingsville Naval Air Station. No one understood how the object came within 200 miles of Corpus Christi without prior detection. 

Then at 1010 PM, the unknown object entered Mexican airspace through Brownsville, TX. From 75,000 feet, it descended to 45,000 feet over Mexico and slowed down to 2000 mph as it continued to descend. It was reported to look like a blazing fireball from Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon, Coahuila and Chihuahua. It traveled across the state of Coahuila, going over the zone of silence. It then suddenly disappeared from all radars that were watching closely, on the US side of the border. 

The same night, around 1030 PM, a small civilian plan would disappear from radar screens in a presumed accident or crash, near Coyame, Chihuahua. Word of the downed airplane reached Mexican military officials in Chihuahua and Ojinaga and they began plans to recover this plane. They realized that the civilian plan disappeared from radar as another object had appeared and also disappeared, so they concluded that the two collided at around 3,000 to 7,000 feet in the air, with the civilian plane going 150 mph and the unknown aircraft going 1,500 mph. The crashed was believed to have occurred in the desert area called El Llano, 50 air miles away from the town of Coyame, Chihuahua. 

Because the crashed happened so late at night, deep in the desert, there were no attempts by either country, to locate the crash site until the next morning, August 26, 1974. The Mexican military began their rescue attempt at 8:00 AM, while the United States Military Intelligence forces watched from Fort Bliss in EL Paso TX. Around 1030, the US listeners heard through radio traffic that a Mexican pilot spotted the crash site, and the civilian plane was “almost totally destroyed” and a few moments later, another message came in that there was another downed aircraft a few miles from the civilian plane, the Mexican pilot noted a “gleaming disk, in one piece”. After the pilot’s statement, the Mexican military went on radio silence and the US was unable to continue surveillance. 

Years after the crash, two witnesses described the unidentified object as a disk, 16 feet and five inches in diameter, and equally convex (meaning having an outline or surface curved like the exterior of a circle or sphere) on the upper and lower surfaces, there was an outer rim, like a Saturn or double dome”. The height of the object was just under 5 feet and weighed at least 1,500 pounds. On the outer rim of the disk, there was damage in two places, one was a hole about 12 inches in diameter, but nothing was visible inside the hole and there was also a small two feet dent, most likely from the collision with the plane. The Mexican military was working on strapping down the object, but they had no extra protections. They managed to mount the disk on the back of a vehicle and begin moving, but at some point, the US (through their monitoring) noticed the Mexican convoy had stopped moving completely. The US then decided to move a retrieval team to the site. 

The US retrieval team arrived at the site at 4:53 PM from Fort Bliss and they were shocked to see the Mexican convoy, as if it were frozen in place, there was 0 movements and some vehicles still had their doors open as if they were in the middle of closing them. They also found the bodies of 2 Mexican soldiers sprawled on the desert ground, not in their vehicles. They then found that all members of the Mexican military were dead, most just slumped over inside their vehicles, aside from the two. They could not determine a cause of death immediately. 

The following is a description of the site, from an anonymous source

“Upon arrival to the crash location, the American group came across a strange metallic object, in the shape of a disk, with a frontal impact and with the burned remains of a small plane. A short distance away, there was an olive green jeep, containing the bodies of four Mexican soldiers Capitan Rogelio Arguelles Gonzales, Sgt Teófilo Margarito Puebla, Corp. Jose Trinidad Meraz and Corp Ricardo Velazquez. Their bodies appeared with signs of death by asphyxiation and were still in possession of their firearms, with no attempt to use them”.

At 5:14 PM, part of the retrieval team departed with the UFO in tow and at 5:40, the rest of the team prepared to leave, which they did at 5:46 PM. As they left, their timed detonation exploded, getting rid of the remaining evidence of the crash site. 

The US team had stopped in the Davis mountains and set up camp, but departed at 2 AM to continue their mission, they were to arrive at Ft Bliss and decontaminate, then when safe to do so, continue on to Atlanta, GA. After the UFO arrived at the CDC and was declared safe from contaminants, the trail of the UFO went cold. Some believe it went to Wright-Patterson AFB and others believe it went to an unnamed base in Atlanta.

No one knows what caused the death of the Mexican soldiers, though it is speculated that an unknown biological agent caused it. Some experts worry about the possibility of a spaceborne virus arriving to earth and causing a global pandemic and some theorize (again it is a theory), that some past pandemics were caused brought from outer space (like SARS). There is a document called the Bacteriological Warfare Article from May of 1950, that states the British were thinking of the possibility of weaponizing biological materials retrieved from UFO crashes. There’s a document called the “Majestic 12” that states technicians from the Sandia National Laboratory died of seizures and profuse bleeding after being exposed to UFO crash debris and fluids from the occupants and the author of this document goes on to say that current medical equipment isn’t enough to deal with an outbreak of an alien virus. 

Witnesses near Coyame

Years later, a witness named Tony Ramirez (retired police officer) came forward with a story of a possible alien sighting in Coyame, wondering if what he saw was a survivor of the UFO crash. He was 13 at the time and was in a hay field, when he heard a noise coming from the corn field across from him, some 30 feet away. Suddenly, a strange little being appeared from the field. It was small, some 4 feet tall, and was thin, with long arms and legs and a huge head, with glowing red eyes. After Ramirez heard of the alien incident in Varginha, Brazil and heard the description given there (five feet tall, bipedal, with a large head, thin body, brown skin and red eyes”, he realized this was exactly what he saw in the Coyame fields as a teen. When Ramirez had told his grandmother what he saw, she very casually told him they were diablitos and frequently seen in the area. 

Witnesses from Texas

On the TX side of the border, in Candelaria TX, a family, the chambers described the crash as a big explosion in the sky, or a fireball in the sky. 

Locals remember being warned by the military to stay away from the site, where a mysterious pit remained. Coyame has seen many strange things, not just this crash. In 1968, a huge flying disk with bright and blinding lights hovered over the small town. Locals were frightened and threw rocks at it until the object disappeared. A different circular disk was seen over the town’s church in the early 70s, it was rigning by lights and brightened it up the town. Locals believed the world was ending when they saw it.

Many residents of Coyame have not come forward, though some have. Some speculate the US killed the Mexican military for the UFO, but other reports state the two countries usually work together to retrieve UFOS. No one really knows what happened to the recovered UFO. 

UFO Sighting in Bolivia

In April of this year 2021, in the neighborhood of Monteagudo in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra residents witnessed a UFO sighting. According to UFOlogist Javier Aliaga “As the object entered the sky, there was a crash, like thunder. Furthermore, the characteristic of this object is as if it were throwing fire.”

Eyewitnesses saw a halo of light landed in the neighborhood and a while later a small creature that residents claim looked like el Chupacabra. This creature terrorized and seemed to target children and tweens/teens. This halo then disappeared into the sky hours later and it left crop circles. The most affected by this incident had to receive therapy. A psychologist who weighed in on this incident claims that its mass hallucination and UFOlogist Javier Aliaga wants there to be a scientific study on what happened. They described it as having an oval shaped head, big eyes, and that both hands had three digits.

UFO Sightings in Chile

Chile seems to be a hotspot for UFOs. The Chilean Navy has released footage of unidentified objects. One of its most known is a video taken back on November 11, 2014. During a routine patrol mission a Navy Captain captured footage of an object flying off the coast of Chile, west of Santiago. 

In that same area, many years before, in June 1984 in Canal Moraleda, a group of six people who were part of the Chilean Navy witnessed a gigantic ball of red light flying above the water. It was only a few meters in distance away from them. Scared they radioed for help. I am guessing that maybe they thought it was an airplane that was in trouble. Not to clear on this. This radio for help was picked up by the Ortiz family. Octavio, his wife Cristina and their three daughters. For whatever reason the sailors  were unable to get radio signals to the mainland so Octavio acted as the bridge between the two. Hector, the Navy officer that was communicating with Octavio, made a comment that this light, whatever it was, was interfering with their electronics. At this point a third channel chimed in. The captain of a petroleum ship named ‘Mysteries’ who told Hector to call it in to the authorities because he was navigating and all his instruments were going haywire. Hector at this time says over the radio that the light is getting bigger, it’s flying higher, and coming towards us. The transmission was cut off, Octavio could only hear loud radio noise, not static but that high pitch whistling sound when tuning an old radio.  Then everything goes silent. Octavio is trying to get into contact with Hector and nothing for three minutes. Hector radios Octavio back stating that this light flew over them and burned the skin of the crewmen that were outside.

For several days after this incident radio interference could be heard by several ships. Alberto the captain of a ship named ‘Mitilius II’ got in contact with Octavio. Alberto said he had listened to the entire conversation that he and Hector had days prior. Alberto was doing experiments on a type of muscle called Choro Zapato. Alberto worked for the Oceanographic department of the University of Chile. Alberto told Octavio that all their equipment in the area had vanished.

Octavio then lost contact with Alberto for several months. One day, Alberto got back into contact with the Ortiz family. Octavio though noticed he sounded like a completely different person. Alberto said he met some strange people. They have helped him economically. He transports boxes filled with materials he doesn’t recognize for them. He brings these boxes up to the Island that they reside in. Friendship Island. Isla Friendship. In May of 1985 Octavio got in contact with one of Friendship Island’s inhabitants; Ariel. At this time Octavio was bed ridden for months so his one way of socializing and communication was through the ship's radio. During this time Ariel and him would talk about various topics; death, friendship, biology, mathematics, religion, art and all that.  There are more than 1500 minutes of recorded conversations between Octavio and Ariel and other inhabitants of Friendship Island.

They told Octavio to visit their island as they had modern technology that would cure him of his illness. The Ortiz family tried visiting the island but each time they turned back at the last minute. On August 1985, a UFO was seen over Santiago for almost the entire afternoon. That same afternoon, Ariel got in contact with the Ortiz family. He told Octavio to go outside and see what was in the sky. Ariel was narrating all the UFO’s movements before they were made. Octavio and his family where left in awe. Ariel and his ‘crew’ made several predictions. According to legend the Government got involved and all communication stopped. 

Many people have seen and encountered these people from Friendship Island. They are described as Tall, white, blue eyed, blond haired people. Very similar to the beings that are seen in La Zona de Silencio. 

Even if you don't believe in aliens and UFOs, the sightings across the world are countless and warrant some thought. 


 the Coyame incident: UFO crash near presidio TX by Noe Torres & Ruben Urirarte

image credit: By MikSed - Own work, CC BY 4.0,