March 17, 2023

Adrienne Salinas and La Llorona in Arizona

Adrienne Salinas and La Llorona in Arizona

On father's day 2013, Rick Salinas was waiting for his daughter, Adrienne Salinas to arrive, so they could go out to eat, but she never arrived. This was very unlike her and he began to search for his daughter. Her case remains unsolved.

On today's episode, Cristina tells MJ about Adrienne Salinas and MJ talks about Llorona sightings in Arizona. For the full legend of la Llorona, check out this episode and for a deep dive into the origin of La llorona, check out this episode.

Anyone with information regarding the case of Adrienne Salinas you should call 1-800-CALL-FBI or the Tempe, Arizona, Police Department at (480) 350-8311.

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