Feb. 5, 2021

La Llorona with Vanessa, of Life Paranormal With V

La Llorona with Vanessa, of Life Paranormal With V

CW: Story contains abuse, child abuse, and death

The story of La Llorona is one as old as time, the origin of the story is unknown, but it dates back to colonial times. It is safe to say every Latinx child was once afraid to hear “ay mis hijos”. We share the legend everyone knows, but we also share a less known version of la Llorona, once that MJ heard years ago and the legend of La Llorona de San Pablo Del Monte. San Pablo Del Monte is a town in the Mexican state of Tlaxcala. Vanessa, host of Life with Paranormal V and our guest for this episode, shares an extra espooky story with us. 

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Short story adapted from this Reddit post