Jan. 6, 2023

Werewolves in Latin America

Werewolves in Latin America

You've heard of an American Werewolf in London, but have you heard of werewolves in Latin America? In 2020, a werewolf was said to have terrorized the people of a town in Chiapas, Mexico. There's also legends of a werewolf called Lobizon in South America and a tales of a in Brazil, with sightings from the early 2000s. Cristina and MJ share these tales. First a listener story. If you have a spooky story to share, email Espookytales@gmail.com or leave us a voicemail

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Music: Silent Night (Dark Piano Version)-Myuu  

Crime Scene (Piano Version) from Professional HQ Royalty Free Tracks by Ghost Stories Incorporated

Time stamps:

Listener Story: 3:46- 5:31

Werewolves Intro 5:31- 8:43

El Lobizon: 8:43- 20:40

Lobismem: 21:58 -26:00

The Werewolf of Coita: 26:00- 52:02

Spooky Recommendations and Outro: 52:02


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