Oct. 21, 2022

Split Scream Volume 2- A Conversation With Cynthia Gomez & M. Lopes Da Silva

Split Scream Volume 2- A Conversation With Cynthia Gomez & M. Lopes Da Silva

A Shivering World is a unique retelling of a tale as old as colonial times and What Ate the Angels is a body horror story that centers queer love and GOO. Written by Cynthia Gomez and M. Lopes Da Silva, these two stories are featured in Split Scream Volume Two, available November 15, 2022. They joined Cristina & MJ and chatted about the inspirations behind their stories, healthcare horror, the horrors of gentrification and core childhood horror memories, such as reading Scary Stories to tell in the Dark.

Pre-order Split Scream Volume Two today https://bookshop.org/p/books/split-scream-volume-two-m-lopes-da-silva/18821761?ean=9781737974048

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