March 31, 2023

Murdered in the Military

Murdered in the Military
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In 2019, a DOD report stated that sexual assault reports in the military are on the rise, every year, it's higher than the last. That could be due the number of reports just rising because more people are coming forward, but it is a fact that sexual assault happens at high numbers in the Military.  A different report from 2010 stated that 120 female military service members stationed in Iraq died there. 60 of those 120 deaths were reported to be non-combat related. Of those half, non-combat deaths, 30 were ruled suicides, but there was evidence to suggest many of them may have actually been murders. Many families reported that the army had given them conflicting information, failed to give any information or asked families to remain silent about their daughters death.

On today's episode, Cristina tells guest co-host Carmen about the death of LaVena Lynn Johnson, Kamisha Block, Amanda Gonzalez, Vanessa Guillen and the recent death of Ana Basaldua Ruiz in Fort Hood.

This episode contains talk of sexual assault in the military, listen with caution or skip this episode.

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