March 3, 2023

Missing: Esmeralda Castillo Rincon and the Witches of Camino Real Cuidad Juarez

Missing: Esmeralda Castillo Rincon and the Witches of Camino Real Cuidad Juarez

Every International Women's day there's marches all over Mexico, demanding justice for the femicides. One of the biggest marches happens in Mexico City. Last year, on International women's day 2022, a clip went viral. In the clip, there is a older man, wearing a pink shirt, wearing a sign, with a young girl's picture and the words, "no me olvidén, falta yo/don't forget me, I'm missing" in big white letters. He's surrounded by women, who are screaming "no estas solo, no estas solo". They're jumping, there's drums and they all embrace him. 

This man is Jose Luis Castillo and he's 62 years old. The girl in the sign he's wearing is his daughter, Esmeralda Castillo Rincón and she has been missing for 14 years now. Jose Luis Castillo has been relentlessly searching for her since he was 48.

In today's episode, Cristina tells MJ about Jose Luis Castillo and his search for Esmeralda Castillo Rincon. The case is heavy and if you don't want to listen to it, skip to about minute 40:00 to listen to MJ tell the tale of Las Brujas de Camino Real in Cuidad Juarez (the witches of Camino Real).

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