July 2, 2021

Espooky Church Legends & Priests With Powers

Espooky Church Legends & Priests With Powers

Church, it’s supposed to be a place of worship, but who knew there were so many creepy church legends and strange stories about priests! Today we share with you the legend of el Diablito from a little church in Cholula, Puebla, the scary legend of los Penitentes in Guatemala City & MJ shares two tales of priests with powers. You’ll also hear a story written by yours truly in the beginning and we share a listener story, if you have a spooky story you want us to share, send it to us at Espookytales@gmail.com

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Music Credit: Silent Night (Dark Piano Version)-Myuu 

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Episode art credit ""Abandoned Dominican Building" by FotoGrazio is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0