Dec. 18, 2020

Ah Huay Huay: The Huay Chivo

Ah Huay Huay: The Huay Chivo

CW- content warning, animal rituals & deaths are discussed in this episode. 

Hello espookies! Welcome to episode 4 of Espooky Tales podcast. In this episode, we discuss the Mayan legend of El Huay Chivo. The Huay Chivo is a humanoid creature, half-man and half-beast, almost always depicted as a half-man/half-goat combination. 

First, you’ll hear a very short fictional story about el huay chivo (based on a true story, also shared in this episode), written by yours truly, then you’ll learn about Huay Chivo origin stories and finally, MJ will go into similarities with other cryptids and myths. We hope you enjoy- Cristina & MJ. 

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