Dec. 24, 2020

The Huay Chivo: Episode 4 Notes

The Huay Chivo: Episode 4 Notes

Hola Espookies, here are the detailed notes for episode 4, Ah Huay Huay, the legend of the Huay Chivo. 

The tale of the Huay Chivo can be heard in Mexico, specifically the southern region, Yucatan, Campeche and Quintana Roo and in the northern region of Guatemala, and jungle areas of Belize, though cryptids of similar appearance are pretty much worldwide & MJ will go more into this.

The Huay Chivo is sometimes referred to as the Mexican version of el Cadejo, though they have their similarities, to me they seem like separate cryptid creatures. This creature has also recently been associated with the Chupacabra, but again, they are different cryptids. The Huay Chivo is a Mayan beast and is centuries old. The name huay chivo is derived from Spanish and Yucatec Mayan words. Waay means sorcerer or brujo in Yucatec Maya and Chivo is the Spanish word for goat, translating to English would make this into a Sorcerer Goat.

 It is only in the last hundred years or so that this has evolved into a half goat/half man only, instead of any half animal/half man combination. Really this was probably introduced with the Spanish, the idea of the huay pek/huay chivo predates the spanish, but again, only in the last hundred of years it has morphed into just half goat half man. 

The Huay Chivo is a beast that transforms itself at will and only during the nighttime, sightings usually happen after midnight. 

 The Huay Chivo is said to have glowing red eyes (like the cadejo), is covered in thick black fur, stands on 2 legs, with horse or goat legs, the torso of a human and the head of a goat. It has been described to be anywhere from four feet tall to 6 ft tall. The huay chivo has been blamed for the death of cattle, like goats and chicken. Huay Chivo is a creature of the night and is said to be found roaming on the darkest of nights. If the huay chivo is near, you will smell a foul smell (this is also common with el cadejo and when they say satan himself is nearby too, I think a lot of cryptids/paranormal creatures are associated w bad smells), and you will feel a wave of cold air. If you do see the huay chivo, you must look away, for if you stare at its glowing red eyes, you will get fevers and start feeling sick. 

I found 3 different origin stories, in one mayan legend, the huay chivo is a shape-shifting sorcerer, one that uses the forces of evil to turn into the beast, either half dog (huay pek) or half animal of choice, this was always a man and in order to transform the sorcerer must take of his head and leave it at home. Another source said in order for a warlock/sorcerer to obtain the ability to transform himself, it is necessary for him to perform a dark rite, in which he offers a goat. After a series of procedures, the warlock becomes half man and half animal, with this form comes out to frighten and kill animals. A different source I found says that a brujo/sorcerer must make a circle with black candles, rip the heart out of a baby goat, drink its blood as an offering and then pray the padre nuestro (forgot its name in english) 9 times and then do 9 turns to the right and backwards, at the last spin, the brujo/sorcerer turns into a “wind” and then the huay chivo forms out of thin air, ready to terrorize. 

In another version of the legend, there was a young child who knew all about plants and their properties and the gift of healing people. When he was older he became a huay (sorcerer) and fell in love with a young woman who helped his family care for their goats. He was desperate and crazy and made a deal with Kisin (or Cizin, the flatulent one, an ancient maya god of death), he exchanged his soul in order to become a goat and be close to the young woman. The spell didn’t work and instead, he became a being that transforms into half goat half man at will and only at night. 

This other version of the legend is very similar to the one I just said, but still a little different. There was a handsome young man that lived in Merida, Yucatan. Though he was handsome, hard working and intelligent, he was also poor. He loved a beautiful young woman, but she was of a higher social class, and her parents forbade their marriage due to the young man’s social class. Distraught, he ran into the nearby jungle, yelling at the top of his lungs. In his rage, he called upon the devil and the devil appeared,asking what he could do for the young man. The young man said he would sell his soul to be near the young woman, anything to be with her, even if it meant for eternity. The devil told the young man he could make this happen and then turned him into a goat. The once young man, now half goat, protested, saying this isn’t what he wanted, but the devil shrugged and told him he did his part. He turned him into a goat, so that the young man could join the young woman’s goat herd and always be near her, in the family’s hacienda. After that, he laughed and took off, leaving the now half goat/half man standing there angry. To this day, the young man, now called huay chivo, runs around at night, killing farm animals in rage, because he was tricked into becoming this creature. 

There is a common saying in Yucatan caminante, cuidate de andar después de la medianoche por los lugares donde el Huay Chivo anda, pues este ser maligno que odia la luz y adora la oscuridad, puede dejar caer en ti toda su maldad. that translates to “So wayfarer, look after yourself of walking after the midnight where the Huay chivo roams for this evil being who hates light and loves darkness, can bestow on you all his evilness.” “Caminante, cuídate al andar después de la media noche por los lugares donde el Huay Chivo ronda, pues este ser de oscuridad puede dejar caer en ti toda su maldad”.


I found this in a study on Maya culture titled “All belief is beyond” Intercultural boundaries, spaces and rights in temporal migrants from Yucatan in Quebec. Yucatan farmers in a temporary work program in Quebec Canada were interviewed in 2012. A man is just retelling what he knows of the Huay Chivo and what happened when his brother saw one. 

“You see if things at night over there, creatures, they pass buy. There are creatures, half animal half man, huay chivos, huay peks or huay mis, and you cannot kill them. My grandfather told me once, there was 3 men, they tried to chase one down, they fired their rifles at it, but it just continued running, then it turned around, paused and looked at each one. The day after that, one of them passed away, and within the week, so did the other 2. You know, when you see these things, you should wait to talk about them. At least a week, because the malo aire will be better by then.”

“They say when the huay chivo talks, it bleeds from the mouth, it has glowing red eyes and if you look straight into its eyes, you can be frozen from fear. My brother was talking when he saw the huay chivo pass by, suddenly, he could no longer talk, he froze and 2 hours later he could move”. “They say you must have a cross, put holy water on it and then leave it on your door, the huay chivo will leave you alone after that. They say they are everywhere, where my grandparents are (Yucatan) and my uncle says if you don’t do a novena for someone who has passed, they will become a huay chivo.

Though no one saw the huay chivo in this instance, on the 4th of January in I can’t find the year, there were 7 dead dogs, 42 dead turkeys in one farm. In another there were 3 dogs killed, residents in Valladolid believe it was a huay pek or huay chivo. At this same time, there were chickens being killed from people’s yards and all these animals were found with their hearts missing. 

On the 4th of September in 2015, in Merida Yucatan residents of the town claim to have found the remains of a huay chivo. Workers at a construction site claim to have seen this creature with legs of a horse and the head of the bull, but when more people arrived at the scene, only hairs of the body remained. After this discovery, residents in a nearby town, Kanxoc also claim to have seen something similar. One person told reporters the only way to kill the huay chivo is to carve a cross into a bullet and find the head of the brujo (remember, the brujo must leave their head at home to transform). 

In another newspaper article from Yucatan dated April 2013, a man named William May Amezquita retold the story of when he saw a huay chivo. Once when he was a child, he was out late, even though his dear mom always warned him about evil things wandering at night. This time, it was just past 11 and he was heading home. He was walking through an area where there was no lights, and he recalls it being extra silent. He heard hooves, very loud hooves, and saw the shape of something very big. It had the head of a bull and was charging straight at him, he jumped out of the way and the huay chivo continued on his way. He recalls hearing stories of this creature before and says if he hadn't jumped out of it's way, he believes he would be dead. 

There’s a movie called caminante,caminante: la leyenda del huay chivo and I can’t find where to watch it but it looks really good. 

Even though the Huay Chivo is specific to Mayan folklore, while researching this particular creature we also found similar sightings in North America, Europe and the Middle East. Though in the states it is known as Goatman with sightings in Kentucky, Texas and Maryland. In Louisville, Kentucky it is known as the Pope Lick Monster. There is a railroad track over the Pope Lick Lake on the trestle of this railroad track it is often seen. There are many deaths in this area and it is believed that this particular Goatman lures people to Pope Lick Lake and to their death that happens usually around the bridge trestle. The there are many legend origins about the Pop Lick Monster one that stood out to me the most was that this Monster is a farmer who would sacrifice goats in exchange for satanic powers. very similar to the Mayan legend of the farmer making a pact with the devil.
In history the earliest goatman sighting was in 520BCE in Ancient Greece. In Ancient Greece they were known as Saytrs and in Ancient Rome they were known as Fauns. And both had a connection to the God Pan, Pan of course being a goatman like deity. (keep Pan in mind as he will be relevant later) In Arabic mythology there are different kinds of Djinn (Jinn or Genies) one that caught my attention was the Nasnas Djinn that are a weak form of Djinn, and are a human animal hybrid creature. And in some ancient text there are artist depictions that are an ancient drawing of the modern day goatman. (this particular Djinn is an offspring of a human and another more powerful Djinn). Baphomet is another great example of another Goatman deity. In modern day Paganism, the Green Man is the representation of spring, and is depicted with many similarities to the Goatman.. From the research I have gathered the Green Man is a mixture of the Celtic deity Cernunnos (a Horned being that is more human like than the rest)  and the Greek deity Pan.
Some believe that the Goat man is in fact a Skinwalker, this is again very similar the the Mayan beliefs that it is in fact a Brujo turning into this creature. A human shape shifting. Even the Nasnas Djinn have to have a human element to it in order for it to exist, it needs human genetics to some degree.
Though I would like to point tout that there were no cases prior to the arrival of the Europeans. And the Goatman seems to be something that was brought over to the Americas. If it is a creature like the Satyrs, if it is a creature from another religion or if it's simply brujos using a new available animal to them to shape shift into. Fact of the matter is that Goats are not Native to the America's they were brought over for the first time by Columbus. So this goat man phenomena regardless of where in the Americas it started happened after colonialism. Between all these Goatman legends the creature seems to behave differently from each other. Some are seen as more benign while other's are seen as malicious. From a Christian point of view el Huay Chivo looks very similar to the Devil. Or what people imagine the devil to look like. So the Huay Chivo has a very negative and evil reputation. Christianity has formed many of the biases many of these stories have. No matter what the real deal behind these goatman, if it's the Huay Chivo or the Pope Lick Monster, one thing is clear this was brought over from Europe to the Americas. Both the North American and the Central American sightings describe the same thing. 
It has also been very strange on my part that face that the Huay Chivo has a connection to el Cadejo or the connection to Skinwalkers which we also talked about in the last episode.. I had no idea this would have a similar connection to Pan which we spoke breifly about in the Cipitio story, there has been a lot of synchronicity between all the legends we have covered so far it's a bit unsettling honestly it's a very strange series of events that should virtually have nothing to do with each other but here we are. 
In my opinion the Huay Chivo and all it's cousins are not benign I feel that whatever these creatures are they bring a very negative energy with them. Goatman like creatures have been seen for 2,500  years. To this day there have been recent sightings.