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More than just la llorona

I had no idea there were so many different creepy ghostly legends in the Latinx world. I think this podcast is super unique and I love listening to MJ and Cristina talk about their experiences too.

Muero cada ves.

I get nostalgic when I listen to this podcast. Espooky brings all the stories I grew up hearing. My Nanas & Tata’s are all gone now, but their stories and legacy lives on. I get scared all over again like I did when I first heard them. Spookyyyy good 🔥💀

Loving Espooky Tales!

I learn so much with each episode and have fun listening! The hosts make me feel like I’m part of a conversation and I feel like I can butt in any time with my thoughts lol. There’s so much spooky latinx folklore out there that we don’t know and I love that this podcast is shining a light on it!

Really Captivating!

Cristina and MJ are really captivating with their storytelling about all the spooky legends of our childhood. They go beyond just el chupacabras

Lore, Legends, and More!

Love this podcast. I get to learn about culture and folklore while supporting Latinx voices. We need more like this one.


Espooky Tales is digging into the goldmine that is Latin American Folklore. Latin American stories are too often overlooked. And Espooky Tales brings that to light.

Need more

There are not many podcasts out there dicussing latinx folklore, I only knew of 2 in English before discovering this one, it is great and can't wait to find out what else they cover.