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I am loving this podcast! I am so glad for the exposure of these Latin American tales. We are so much more than La Llorona. I love how they explain the origination of the tales. The mix in the Spanish influence in these Aztec/Mayan stories. I appreciate the Nahuatl pronunciations. One reviewer mentioned they “butcher” the Nahuatl language. I beg to differ, their efforts to at least attempt to bring these stories into our ears is important and I applaud them for it. Keep up the good work ladies.

Wonderful Eerie Stories!!

These amazing ladies track down some fabulous tales, from haunted schools (you know you had one in the neighborhood!) to creatures that lure you to your doom! Beware La Tunda, La Siguanaba and many more! MJ and Christina share these stories with humor, spice and a love for the “Espooky.” Gracias, ladies! Keep it up!

Amazing chemistry !!

Starting off with amazing chemistry both Christina and MJ have great back and forth and are a blast to listen to. Great hosts as well and would love to work with them again.

Wtcc podcast review - Big D

Ok so I’m gonna start off by saying the one bad review on here is obviously somebody who just decided it was a good day to be a troll! This show is absolutely amazing, I’ve made it through almost every episode and I’m very excited to see what’s to come. I’m from a giant mixing bowl of Mexican and American culture so it’s really cool to hear stories that I’m somewhat familiar with and learn even more. You can tell they really enjoy what they do and care deeply about the subject matter. They do excellent research plus they are pretty funny so all in all highly recommended by me.

Sizzler...I mean Spooky

These two are hilarious. Not only do I get to learn about paranormal stories from other cultures that I didn’t know about, but MJ and Cristina make it funny as well. I really well done show and one that I keep coming back to!

More than just la llorona

I had no idea there were so many different creepy ghostly legends in the Latinx world. I think this podcast is super unique and I love listening to MJ and Cristina talk about their experiences too.

Muero cada ves.

I get nostalgic when I listen to this podcast. Espooky brings all the stories I grew up hearing. My Nanas & Tata’s are all gone now, but their stories and legacy lives on. I get scared all over again like I did when I first heard them. Spookyyyy good 🔥💀

Loving Espooky Tales!

I learn so much with each episode and have fun listening! The hosts make me feel like I’m part of a conversation and I feel like I can butt in any time with my thoughts lol. There’s so much spooky latinx folklore out there that we don’t know and I love that this podcast is shining a light on it!

Really Captivating!

Cristina and MJ are really captivating with their storytelling about all the spooky legends of our childhood. They go beyond just el chupacabras

Lore, Legends, and More!

Love this podcast. I get to learn about culture and folklore while supporting Latinx voices. We need more like this one.


Espooky Tales is digging into the goldmine that is Latin American Folklore. Latin American stories are too often overlooked. And Espooky Tales brings that to light.

Need more

There are not many podcasts out there dicussing latinx folklore, I only knew of 2 in English before discovering this one, it is great and can't wait to find out what else they cover.