May 24, 2021

The Vallecas Case & Other Espooky Ouija Board Tales

The Vallecas Case & Other Espooky Ouija Board Tales

Hello Espookies! Welcome to our notes for our episode "Espooky Ouija Board Tales" where we share the tale of the strange Vallecas Case and other spooky Ouija board stories. If you haven't listened, click here

A Little bit of Ouija Board History

The Ouija board or spirit boards have been around for centuries. Spirit boards date back to Ancient Greece and ancient China. The modern day Ouija board came to be in February of 1891. It was first sold in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania at a toy and novelty shop. Use of the Ouija board grew thanks to America’s obsession with spiritualism in the 19th century. Spiritualism was a big thing in Europe already but it hit the United States hard in 1948; with the Fox sisters. One of the investors of the Ouija was Elijah Bond and he had a sister in law named Helen Peters. Now Helen, while playing the board asked what its name was and it spelled Ouija. When she asked what it mean the board says ‘Good Luck’ however there are reports they Helen had a pendant that read Ouida after a famous feminist author and they think Helen just changed Ouida to Ouija. To this day 130 years later it still just as popular. 

Fear of the Ouija board wasn't a thing until the movie the Exorcist came out, until then, it was marketed as a family game and a way to contact the now decreased and gained popularity after WW1. When the movie came out, it blamed the board for the characters possession, though in the real case it wasn't used. Until that movie, it wasn't associated with Satan. The movie, the 70s, 80s, and maybe part of the 90s, I could be wrong, were part of the satanic panic, which was exaggerated. 

The Vallecas Case

It is mostly known by this name due to the neighborhood in Spain, where it all took place. There is also a movie on Netflix called Veronica, based on this story. This is the first case where paranormal phenomena was reported in a police report, not sure if that applies to Spain alone. 

This took place between 1990 and 1991, in the Vallecas neighborhood of Madrid, Spain. 

Estefania Gutierrez Lazario was 18 and the eldest of 4 siblings. In March 1990 she went to school as usual but her friend had snuck in a Ouija board. They had just started dabbling in the occult & and the boyfriend of one of the friends had just died. So they were attempting to contact him with the board in the girls bathroom. Her sister was part of this as well, but she was guarding the door supposedly. A teacher busted them, took the board and broke it in half. At that moment, all the girls & the teacher said they saw gray smoke, which Estefania ended up inhaling. After that day, nothing was the same for Estefania. Her parents stated that she began having fits of rage and began seeing shadow people at night. She said the shadow people had no face, hooded cloaks and wanted her to go with them. She also began suffering from insomnia, hallucinations and seizures. They went to many different doctors and hospitals, but no one could figure out what was going on with her.  Her mental state began worsening and she even attacked her sister so badly she knocked her out, and her mouth was foaming during the attack. After that attack her health continued to decline and after one seizure, she was taken to the hospital, where she fell into a coma and died. There was no official cause of death and the autopsy reported “sudden and suspicious death”. 

After her death, things worsened in the home. Even before her death, weird things were happening in the apartment, like objects moving on their own, doors opening and closing by themselves and Estefania’s siblings said at times it felt like they were being grabbed by an invisible force. Guests of the family also stated to have experienced things there. Her mother stated she could hear Estefania’s screams. The family heard banging, things kept moving, they heard the disembodied laughter of men and heard glass breaking. 2 years after Estefania’s death, a picture of hers burst into flames, but the frame and the glass were fine, it was just the picture that was burned. 

On November 27th, 1992, they decided to get the police involved and inspector Jose Negri and the team were sent. The night before, Concepcion (Mrs. Gutierrez) felt pressure on top of her and told her husband “someone is here” and right after that, something grabbed her feet and her hand. When the police arrived, they found the entire family outside, even though it was raining and cold. The team says they all felt a weird presence, as well as nauseated. Here are parts of the police report, which is the first report to ever be filed as paranormal/unexplained. 

“On this day, and for the past few hours” strange phenomena have been noticed. Some of these include some invisible force turning crucifixes upside down, cabinets moving and voices.”

The police entered the apartment with the lights off and all heard banging, but they knew no one was inside. Each time they thought they found the source of the banging, it seemed to move from one place to another. One officer was almost hit by a heavy cupboard door but ducked in time, nothing was there to open the door. 4 officers were too freaked out by this and waited outside. When the officers entered Estefania’s old room, they found a cross that had been previously bolted to the wall had been ripped off and so had the Jesus figurine attached to the cross, but no one had been in the room. They also found three claw marks where the cross had been. When the officers entered the bathroom, they all felt a sudden drop in temperature, unlike anything they had ever felt before. 

True Ouija Board Stories 

"I was about 12 or 13 spending the night at a friend’s house, goofing around with the Ouija board with him and his sister. We were getting all sorts of gibberish plus words spelled out, just kind of scaring ourselves for fun, not taking it very seriously. Then we got the message ’I can see you through the window’ and then ’I can see you through his eyes’ or something like that. There was just a small window in the basement room where we were, and just the backyard and woods past the driveway visible through that window. We asked it more questions and it said ’I’m under the car,’ so we somehow got up the nerve to go out with a flashlight and peer under the car, where we saw a huge black stray cat hissing. We ran inside freaking out, and at that exact moment, the power failed and all the lights in the house went out. We just about actually shit ourselves. Few minutes later, the power came back, and we sat up until dawn that night scared and never played with the board again." —Reddit user no_springs 

“We were hanging out in a friend’s dorm room and busted out the Ouija board. There were a few of us who had used them before and a few who hadn’t that were quite skeptical. It was about 11:00 p.m. and the communication with the board was going quite well. Gary, one of the skeptics, kept calling bullshit to the whole thing. We convinced him to sit on the floor with us and give it a shot. His first question, ’Is this for real or just a bunch of bullshit?’ The planchette zipped to NO. ’Fine’ he says, still not believing, ’Prove it!’

No sooner [had] he finished that statement [when] the lights in the room flickered and the building’s fire alarm went off. This freaked us all out and we left the room to follow fire alarm procedures. After about 20 minutes, campus safety said it was a false alarm and let us all back in to the dorms. When we arrived back up to [our friend’s] room, the Ouija board was gone. No one took it with us and the room was left locked." -Reddit user hammerhands 

"When i was in high school my 2 friends, who were sisters, decided it would be funny to play with a Ouija board. In the beginning nothing happened. Asking if anyone's there etc. Just basic stuff. All of a sudden the door shuts LOUD. I assumed it was the wind (sometimes a slight blow of wind would slam it shut) we joke about it and got up to open it but it wouldn't open. The door felt like it was vibrating which freaking us all out. We repeatedly banged on it and shaking the knob, until it randomly opening. I almost fell putting my whole body weight trying to open it.

We got super freaking out and decided to say "Goodbye" to which it responded "No". The younger sister freaking out and tossed it in a burn trash barrel we had going outside. (We were young.)

We all brushed it off the best we could and tried to get some sleep. The next day we were grabbing toys out of her closet to which we noticed a weird smell. We looked down at the other end to only find the same Ouija board covered with ash.

I freaked out and left, i honestly don't remember coming back to their house again. I never had anything else happened to me except feeling like someone else being with me in a room. But I think they had weird experiences after." -Reddit user itstashapie 

"I've had this little girl spirit follow me for years at an old house I lived in until I was around 13. She started showing up after my nana died. There was always something about my Nana, but I was always at her house. Things I can remember clearly are  that she would leave a chair at the back door because a man spirit would sit there at night. I saw him a couple times but never felt any malicious intent from him. Sometimes when I would wake up I'd see the dolls (about 6) she's kept on her dresser they would be turning their heads from side to side. A couple times I woken up in different parts of the house.

Continuing on, we moved to a new house and the first thing I realized was that the mirrors were all turned around. I asked the lady who showed us the house why, her response that I didn't think of much was that the previous owner had them all turned around. The same owner that had fallen I'll and was now hospitalized, I don't know the reason but i could only assume it had to do with this haunted house. One weekend I decided to take a nap. I got this sudden urge to grab my phone and take a picture of my room. Low and behold I had dead right evidence that this little girl was right there. I was stunned that I got her so clearly in my photo. She had long black hair that reached half her back and covered her face. Her clothes blue but tattered and dirty. She was small looking. What followed was something that made me 1. Never touch a Ouija board and 2. Never take a photo when urged too.

What followed is something that haunts me still. It started after I showed my parents what I got on my phone. My dad saw it clearly and passed it off and nothing really but my mother didn't even want to see. I don't blame her. The days that followed things in the house got heavy. It started with my little brothers room he was about 4 or 5. He had a TV in there with a VHS player that would turn on and full blast the static noise. Did this a couple times before we get rid of it. For my dad he accounted a story of having this dream and being woken up to something grabbing his hand. Thinking it might of been my little brother he sleepily opened his eyes. After realizing it wasn't my brother he tried to pull his hand away when he says something with power grab his hand to stay there. I never heard a story other than this one that made him give me a scared look. A couple friends that came over both from two different circles were mini possessed? They would blank out and just start walking toward the back of my house where my parents and brother bedroom was. I had to shake them and ask what they were doing and both times I was answered with an I don't know. It didn't stop. The assault from these entity's was on going. I once had a small group of friends about three of us were in the living room. When the tv turned on blasting again. I got up to go turn it off but was met with a loud THUD coming from my brothers room. Taking a step forward the thud sounded like it had moved closer. Frozen we all just waited and this thud started coming down the hall, getting louder and just when it was about to go around the corner my dad opens the front door and everything goes silent and the air lifts but it scarred all of us enough to jump out of our seats. My friends left after that.

Now for the Ouija part. Not knowing what to do I reached out to a good friend who's sister was into the paranormal heavy. She said we should do a Ouija reading. I was raised in a very religious house hold and we were always taught that the touch of a Ouija was pretty much damning yourself. Scarred i refused. I was met with an offer to do it outside at a park nearby and I wouldn't even have to touch it. Not a bad deal so I accepted. That night we head to a park at around 9:30, they set up and start right one the money. Asking if any spirit where near by or wanting to talk. No go. We do this for about 5 minutes with no response. I was asked if I could touch the piece just to establish a connection with whatever's following me specifically. I hesitate but lay my fingers on the tile. Same question this time with answers quickly. My friends sister asked most of the question. The spirit said it was good. That it was protecting me from zero. When all of a sudden it just started spelling something repeated 3x. C-u-I-s-e x3. At the moment a police officer shows up with his spot light on us. Gets out and walks toward out group. We tell the spirit goodbye and close all doors. The cop asked what were doing at the park. Apparently the park closes at 10. Well past 10 we apologize and start packing up to go. Something made me look at the offices name tag, shocking me C-u-l-s-e. I turned around and told my friends and they were in disbelief. We told the officer in a quick summary what happened and he didn't believe it. To this day it shakes me to think of all the paranormal I've experienced but by far the craziest would be with the board itself. Never again." -Reddit user paranormalcamanchi 


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